Cookies Henan Suretech New Material Co., Ltd web sites use cookies and other similar technologies (such as pixel tags). A cookie and such other similar technologies are elements of data that a web site can send to or place on your browser, which may then store it on your system. In this cookie policy, we use the term “cookies” for cookies and all such similar technologies. Henan Suretech New Material Co., Ltd uses cookies to coordinate the information on our web sites and social media channels as closely as possible to the preferences of you as a visitor. Cookies also help to tailor the information the web site or social media channel will provide to you when you return. If you have registered with this web site, items such as a username may be stored via a cookie. On Henan Suretech New Material Co., Ltd web sites, we use the following type of cookies: Transient cookies are only kept in memory within the lifespan of the user's session with the site and are removed when the browser is closed. These cookies are temporary and not persisted to the end user's system. Persistent cookies make it possible for our web site to recognize you whenever you return. They make sure that the settings you have made during previous visits (e.g. to remember web site and language selections) are recognized so you do not need to re-set them every visit. These cookies are persistently stored on the client system (hard drive or elsewhere). The lifetime of these cookies can span from a few seconds to two years. Third party cookies belong to domains other than the one the user is visiting. Third party cookies are also placed so that the web site can remember something about the user during the session, or at a later time when returning to the site. Examples of where Henan Suretech New Material Co., Ltd web sites use third party cookies are to remember participation of online satisfaction surveys, to remember calling for chat sessions, to track and analyze user journeys, to optimize what you see in social media channels, and to optimize the web site response time. Options If you don't wish to accept cookies or other technologies used by the Henan Suretech New Material Co., Ltd web site you can either: configure your browser to notify you when you receive a cookie (giving you the chance to decide whether to accept it); configure to block all or certain categories of cookies, or leave this site. The browser can also delete previously stored cookies. Please see your browser's help facility for information on how to use settings to handle cookies. Even if you turn off the use of cookies in your browser, you can still visit most of the sections available at Henan Suretech New Material Co., Ltd 's web sites. Personal Data The use of cookies on our web site also results in certain processing of personal data. The types of data involved are IP addresses, web site and language preferences, usage of the web sites, response to a survey, etc. This information is used to analyze web traffic and to enhance the experience and performance of the web site, and stored for a maximum of two years. Most of our processing of personal data is based on what privacy data law refers to as a "balancing of interests". We are confident that we possess what the law refers to as a "legitimate interest" when we handle the personal data we have compiled with the use of cookies on Henan Suretech New Material Co., Ltd web sites. It is important that our sites function well and are user friendly, and that we can monitor patterns to improve them. This is not possible without the use of cookies. We also process certain personal data (IP address and visitor journey information) when using pixel tags to enhance the experience and performance of our marketing offers through Henan Suretech New Material Co., Ltd social media channels. This type of processing includes a certain amount of profiling and is based upon the consent you give by clicking the “I accept button”. We will only process this information for [30 days]. Please see our Privacy Policy for more information on your rights and how Henan Suretech New Material Co., Ltd handles personal data.